Become a Running Buddy

What is a Running Buddy?

A Running Buddy is a volunteer or family member who ensures the safety of your girl during the end of the season 5K. Every girl will need a RUNNING BUDDY, so either pull out your running shoes and let the training begin or start thinking about friends or loved ones who would enjoy being part of this amazing experience.  We encourage family members to run with their girl to emphasize a positive role model in her life. If your girl does not have a family member she can run with, we will assign a volunteer Running Buddy to make sure your girl is safe and supported throughout her run in the 5K.  Running Buddies are asked to contribute a discounted race entry fee of $15 to help support 5K costs. Running Buddies will receive a 5K t-shirt!

How Is a Running Buddy assigned to a girl?

  • We encourage the parents/guardians to run with their girls as a Running buddy to promote being a positive role model in their lives
  • Parents/guardians can also identify a family member, close friend, relative, school staff or a role model in your daughter’s life (16 years or older/male or female) to run with her. (Please be sure to identify your girls name on your Running Buddy’s registration so our council knows who will be paired up – coming soon)
  • If your family can’t be the running buddy or identify someone as a running buddy, our GOTR council will select a community volunteer to run and encourage your daughter during the run.
    • Your Girl’s safety is our top Priority! The volunteer Running Buddy will be a female, positive, community role model that will have gone through a complete background check to ensure your daughter is receiving the best support during her 5K experience.

How do I Register as a Running Buddy?

 All you need to do to register as a Running Buddy is click the button below:

Register Online!