When our 3rd - 5th grade participants were asked about GOTR, this is what they had to say!

What did you like most about Girls on the Run?
  • I liked how it taught you how to handle your emotions and other tips to life. I also liked the 5k. I got to spend more time with my dad.
  • I liked that it taught me how to find my inner self. It also taught me how to give back to my community as well as being a better friend.
  • I liked learning life lessons then being able to play games about them.
  • What I liked about GOTR was learning about myself and others. And being able to learn things and have fun at the same time.
What did you learn from GOTR?
  • I learned how to run a 5K, stand up to peer pressure, stop bullying and gossip webs.
  • I learned always to stay plugged in to the positive cord not the negative and I can accomplish anything if I try.
  • I learned that no matter what you look like you are beautiful and strong inside and out.


Parents were asked how GOTR impacted their daughters, here is what they said:

The elements of the program that I think are most valuable:
  • Physical activity with social benefits. The girls really felt like they belonged to a group. There was no "mean girl" activity tolerated. I believe my daughters self confidence improved significantly.
  • Love the combo of self-awareness & self-confidence with exercise. My daughter is not in any team sports and really loves this program.
The difference Girls on the Run makes in my girl's life:
  • My daughter is more confident than she was before participating in Girls on the Run! She knows she can do anything she puts her mind to :)
  • The Girls on the Run program helped open my daughter's eyes to her own inner strength. More importantly it gave her the opportunity to set a goal and accomplish it in a positive atmosphere.
  • The GOTR running club is the first and only athletic activity where our daughter enjoyed the activity and felt confident in her abilities. She not only excelled at running, she also gained a great deal of confidence in general. I can't thank you enough for all that this program has meant to our daughter!